Why HomeSchooling is not Really Home Schooling Anymore

Homeschooling may not actually really be “home” schooling anymore, this is because many very smart people have set up home-schooling networks in the United States and there are nearly 1,000 of them now. In these networks the parents and groups get together to assist the each of the parents to do it right. In the past there have been many critics of homeschooling, some of their complaints justified, some not. Most of the complaints are really no longer huge issues.We have all heard the claim that home schooled kids do not get the much needed socialization that has been an integral part of the public school system. Of course this is no longer true with networks of homeschoolers, which go on field trips, join sporting teams or get together in larger groups. In fact their socialization comes without the bullying or stealing of lunch money on the way to school.If much of the home-schooling now is being done outside the home, then is it really “home” schooling? And the word “school” itself is a misnomer too, because schools have turned into giant baby-sitting facilities and factories of rote-memorization so no child is allowed to advance. Perhaps the word home-schooling needs an upgrade?Maybe we should call home school; Advanced Alternative Learning? Home-schooling is really nothing similar to the old methodologies employed in home-schooling in the last few decades. Are home-schooled kids smarter? Well, they may not start out any smarter on average than public schooled kids but their performance generally surpasses that of kids who are a product of the public school system.

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